Aaron & Diana

Not many people find a new talent at the age of 37, but for Aaron who bought his first camera in February of 2014 that is how it happened. With a natural photography eye, he started out in concert photography to make a name for himself. As a romantic Aaron gravitated towards engagement and wedding photography. In early 2016 Aaron met Diana and they quickly became inseparable. Diana was a very quick study with the camera and found herself a fixture at all of Aaron’s booked events helping Aaron and working as a second shooter. Our only goal is to create stunning images and happy repeat clients.

Our Services

A wedding day is not simply a coordinated event to mark the union of two individuals; it is the beautiful celebration of the promise of unity between two souls as they begin the their journey together as one. At Aaron Meyers Photography, we strive to capture every detail of this momentous day, from the meticulous designs and planning of the bride, to the enchanting kiss that forever affirms their bond.

During such ‘once in a lifetime’ moments, the most important element is quality, and it is our fundamental belief that this is handled by more than just our ability to capture exceptional photography – it is being able to closely work with you to build a connection of trust and confidence to give you the most supportive and satisfying experience possible.

Our mission is to be the one part of your day that is absolutely stress free. We are available via many forums to answer any questions you may have, to discuss the wedding photography coverage for your needs, or to assist you when you are planning your itineraries to ensure you have ample time to capture any and all posed photos ideas you may want to try.

From prompt communications leading up to the big day, to helping the groom to pin the boutonnières onto his lapel, we try to be as open and accommodating as possible, not just as your photographer but as people who believe in the spirit of cooperation and support.

We are confident that our in-the-moment mind set gives us the ability to be able to capture all the action as it unfolds, allowing you to take the wheel and dictate the flow of the day and your photographic needs, or, should you need a little nudge of inspiration, we can offer a large range of ideas, trends, and prompts that will still give your day the authentic progression it deserves.

Photography is our passion; but what fuels our fervor is the desire to preserve your memories in captivating images that will invoke emotions and transport you back to the moment they transpired. Our greatest endeavor is giving you the gift of memories that you will cherish forever, and we feel it is an honor and a privilege to be selected to be a part of one of the most important and happiest ceremonies of your lives.

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone call/text to get started securing the securing us for your wedding day. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!